I Saw God today in a silhouette.

Today’s photo challenge taught me about perspective.

The word for the day was silhouette.

I looked past the objects around me to the shadows they cast.

A shift in perspective.

Those shadows were there all along, yet that is not what I saw at first glance.  When I look at something, I tend to concentrate on the object itself.    As I focused on a different perspective, I realized how easy it is for me to miss a unique aspect of an object, a person, a subject, or God when I concentrate only on what I immediately see.

As I altered my focus,  not only did I gain new perspective, but what I was looking at was layered with new beauty.  Today it left me wanting more, a hunt to find more shadows, shifting light, and shifting beauty.

And that is where I am left with God, wanting more, seeing Him, and knowing Him.  As I look to Him, I want eyes to see the silhouette, the piece that I have been missing.


If you were to search for God’s silhouette today, what would you find?

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