The grey


I saw God today, in the grey.

There have been many grey days as of late both outside and inside my heart. Sadness or disappointment can sometimes feel like a thick fog that comes rolling in and covers everything.  The fog is all I can see.

The other day as I took a walk, it was very grey outside.  As I continued to walk the grey started to take on color.  The flowering trees are in full bloom right now, splashes of pink, purple, and red on grey canvas.

When it is grey or foggy out, it isn’t until I get closer to an object that I can really see it for what it is.  That shape in the distance takes on form and finally color as I come near.

Is this true of God as well?  As I let go of the grey, of the hurt and disappointment and go closer towards God, He brings form to the situation.  As I dig into His word, I see His truth.  I see the forms or situations for what they really are, and the color slowly returns.  I may try and paint my sadness with other things but the color soon fades and there I stand again, empty-handed with God.  Yet empty-handed is what I need to be.  It is there His brushstrokes of color fill my canvas with grace, hope, and life.

“I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” John10:10

Do you see God’s color in your life today?

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