The impossible

I saw God today, in the impossible.

I saw Him as He took the frayed pieces of our story and my faith and wove together something beautiful.

He took what seemed impossible at the time, and the details we couldn’t see and “made all things possible”(Luke 18:27).

Isn’t this who He is, what He does

blind men see

deaf men hear

lame men walk

and for us today – a passport that arrived just in time…

I know it may sound trivial comparing a passport to a healing.  Yet for us today that was our need, and God saw it and met it.

I know I can so easily forget, just like the Israelites, who our God is and what He can do.  But this day for me will be a reminder of our God

who sees

who hears

and works the impossible.

Do you remember a time when God was that for you?

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