A breath


I saw God today, in a breath.

Summertime, a time to reconnect with extended family and friends not seen for some time.  A time to experience a different way of living.

While I enjoy summertime life filled with activity and people, my life while full in many ways can feel empty of God. The structure of my life the rest of the year lends itself well to time spent with God. How do I find those moments in the spontaneity of summer?

This past weekend as we hiked through the mountains, I was reminded of a kind of prayer I had read about in Richard Foster’s book on prayer, called a breath prayer. It is a short kind of prayer, almost like an extension of our breath. It doesn’t require much, one sentence or phrase. Yet it is amazing what it can accomplish.

As I tried this new way of praying, hiking through the mountains and forests,

my breath whispered thank you.

What else could I say but thank you as my eyes lingered long on what God has created for Himself and for us.

What is your heart praying today?

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