Imperfect and beautiful


I saw God today, in the imperfect and beautiful.

Lisa Leonard on her blog a few weeks back wrote, “Life is imperfect.  Life is beautiful.”  I have carried these two phrases with me the last couple weeks.

I find myself striving for both of these in life, the imperfect – striving against, the beautiful –  striving for.

We all want to live in the beautiful.  Life is often that, but seldom perfect.  When I live my life for perfection do I miss a piece of God’s heart? Of His redemption?  Of the possible beauty hidden in the imperfect?

I am not saying God gives us a license to sin or not to try.  I am simply saying that when I do mess up or life turns upside down, can I accept the imperfect?  And in that acceptance find beauty there.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…” Ecc 3:11

Can you find beauty in your imperfect today?

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