Day 15


I found this verse the other day as I was searching for this three letter word.

“May the God who gives hope fill you with great joy…” Romans 15:13 (NIrV) 

I laid the verse aside and continued to let joy roll around inside my head until this morning. I noticed someone had written that exact verse on the desktop of our computer.  I love when this happens!  God’s word repeating itself in random places, as if He is trying to get my attention.  These little moments carry with them hope, hope that God sees.  He orchestrates the details in our lives to bring hope and hope once realized gives way to joy.

When God speaks and my heart fills with hope, joy comes easy.  Other days, I find that three letter word slipping through my fingers.  On those days, I find I need to count the little joys, the small things I am thankful for.  And with God’s help and hope the small joys when added up, give way to the greater joy.

Hope and joy, walking hand in hand with them today.

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