Day 23


When words become lists…

I am a list person.  I love creating them.  It is almost a type of poetry for me. This may sound crazy but GK Chesterton said some of the best poetry comes from list making.  Take some time and look at some of your lists.  Do you see poetry in the making:)

The bible is filled with poetic lists from what love is and the fruit of God’s Spirit to practical lists about what is good for us to eat.  The following list is a very practical one, guidelines for a good life.

1 Thess. 5:14-22

Live in peace with each other…

Help the weak

Be patient with everyone…

Always be joyful

Never stop praying

Be thankful in all circumstances…

Do not stifle the Holy Spirit

Do not scoff at prophecies

Test everything…

Hold on to what is good

Stay away from every kind of evil

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