Coming Home part I


I Saw God today, in coming home.

This time of year, with the holidays knocking at my door, there is this pull, a longing for home.  The holidays bring with them, a desire to go back in time and re-live childhood memories.

the turkey, the pumpkin pie, the brightly decorated cookies, 

grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins all gathered for the day

gift wrapping strewn around the floor

the Mattel train circling round and round

For some of us those memories can be re-lived but for others disappointment defines the day.  ”Coming home” does not always live up to its expectations.

In the book, The Prodigal God, Timothy Keller writes, “Home, then, is a powerful but elusive concept.  The strong feelings that surround it reveal some deep longing within us for a place that absolutely fits and suits us, where we can be, or perhaps find, our true selves.  Yet it seems that no real place or actual family ever satisfies these yearnings, though many situations arouse them.”

He goes on to say that really from the beginning of time, from the exile in the garden of Eden to the Israelites many wanderings, we have been living in exile and looking for home.  In our hearts, we were exiled from God until Jesus made a way for us to come home to Him.  

It seems in some ways that this tension, this longing for home, is ours to carry until that day when we literally do come home to God. 

Though, in the midst of our longing, God gives us these little gifts, these glimpses of home and of Himself, to encourage us and to guide

               a little candle to light our path, to show us the way home.

How are you coming “home” this holiday season?

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