One word

One word for 2014 – The idea to choose a word for the year rather than a New Year’s resolution, on many blogs right now including

My word – Hidden grew out of my last blog post before Christmas.

“Consequently, this Christmas season I am the prodigal, longing for home, longing for Christ.  I want to again come home to Him, to the safe, full of life place that being hidden in God is.  And if my life is hidden in Christ, there is no “me” to look for, there is only HIm.”

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”                  Colossians 3:3

I want to understand what this means, to be hidden with Christ.

Today I am linking up with Faith Barista as she uncovers her one word.


I Saw God today, in the hidden.

What does it mean to be hidden with Christ?

To the introvert in me, it seems like a good excuse to hide.

To the fearful in me, it seems like a good excuse to quiet my voice, refrain from making waves, and agree with what others are saying.

I have a sneaking suspicion this was not Paul’s meaning when he wrote these words.

I am starting to think, hidden looks a bit more like this.

Jesus – me = Hidden

When I give my life to Jesus, that is exactly what I am to do, give it to HIm.  My life, my concerns, my status, my identity, my desires they are no longer mine but His.  It is no longer me at the center but Him.

If I believe this, why then am I still searching for ‘me’?  Why is my focus here rather than there? And why is my ‘to do’ list more important than what He has done for me?

Could it be I am still trying to raise the dead me, rather than allow His resurrection power to set me free… from me?

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