I saw God today, in family.

Every year on my mom’s side of the family we celebrate Christmas together in mid-January.  Aunts, uncles, and cousins all gathered in the church fellowship hall.  We long outgrew meeting in a house.

I look forward to these gatherings and each year I am amazed as the conversation picks up right where it left off and the story continues.

If you were to join us, you would see small huddles of people gathered round, pieces of family sharing, laughing, and sometimes crying.  Individuals that see and genuinely care about each other.  We are not perfect, but then again what family is?

We have shared many experiences together as a family, moments of laughter and sorrow.  We shared in the latter along with my grandmother when she lost my grandfather at far too young an age.  Each one in that room has shared in some sort of sorrow and yet when we gather on a Sunday afternoon, it is not sorrow that defines us rather it is the gift of seeing and caring.

When we were younger Grammy always made us feel like we were the most important people in the world.  I think a visit from us made her day, at least she made us feel that way.  And this is where I see her story continue.  When this group of people, this family gathers, I see the legacy she left, the seeds she planted.  I see beauty from ashes.  I see love, hear stories of hope, and feel joy.

“And now these three remain, faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love.” I Cor 13:13

What is the legacy you hope to leave?

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