Holding on


I Saw God today, in holding on.

Our family loves to ski.  My husband grew up in Sweden, so it  comes with the territory, well his territory anyway, not mine.

I grew up in Pennsylvania with a non-skiing family.  My first experience with the slippery slope was at the not so young age of eighteen or nineteen.  As I found myself flying out of control down the mountain, only to land on my back, I wondered what people could possibly see in this sport.  And as a preschool age child whizzed past me, I vowed I would never ski again.

I did not keep that vow and have since learned to ski better.  Making my way down the mountain no longer feels out of control.  And while I am more comfortable with skiing, there are always other areas in life that give me that feel of careening down a mountainside, landing in a tangled mess of skiis and poles.

Last week as we spent some time on the slopes, I realized one thing I was missing as an adult learning to ski that made all the difference for a child learning the same skill.  It was a child skiing side by side their parents. The parent and the child would hold on to the same ski poles or the parent held on to the child.  It was the holding on that made everything okay.  The circumstances were the same, the child was still flying down the mountain but they could relax because they knew mom or dad was holding on to them.

And isn’t this how it is with God?  He is holding on.  He’s got me.  I can let go a little and release my grip, not on Him but on my circumstances.  He is holding all things, holding my life together.

”He (Jesus) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

How do you see God holding on to you?

Holding on to this verse today and the words of this song… I am by Crowder

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