I saw God today, in slowness.

“I don’t do quick anymore,” my grandmother use to say as my mom tried to get her out the door.  I have laughed over Grammy’s words and used that expression myself at times.

Nonetheless, after weeks of busyness her words have become more than a cute expression.  They have become a little bit of a lifeline.

To travel slowly in a fast moving culture is no easy feat.  I find myself moving swiftly with the crowd even when I desire to do otherwise. Some of us thrive when surrounded by tasks, people, or objects in motion, while others avoid these things at all costs.  Yet even those of us who do not appreciate the flurry of activity, can find ourselves in seasons that take up more of our calendar than we would like.   It is especially during those times when my calendar is claiming bits and pieces of me, that I move toward slowness.

It is in slowness that my heart which was filled with worry and anxiety can take a breath.

It is in slowness I choose to look at one task instead of the twenty vying for my attention.

It is in slowness I focus on today, instead of stressing about the days to come.

It is in slowness I choose to connect with one, instead of the many I have not kept up with.

It is in slowness I notice the tree that is starting to bud, the songbird singing its melody, and the child that might need my smile today.

It is in slowness I see opportunities, rather than burdens carried.

From what I can see, God doesn’t mind slowness.  He took time as He created the world.  (Although seven days still seems pretty speedy to me)  He journeyed with the Israelites for forty years in the desert.  He was silent for almost 400 years before sending Jesus to our world.  If the God of this universe can take things slowly, I should be able to learn a thing or two from Him!

“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that He had done.” Genesis 2:2

What are some ways God might be asking you to slow down today?

2 thoughts on “Slowness

  1. Loved your post today. So fun to hear you share about Grammy!! Just what I needed today.

  2. This is so good, Ang. It is so true that God is not in a hurry and we see Him better when we slow down. I needed this too!

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