Creative ideas


I saw God today, in creative ideas.

When our daughter was about two we moved her from her crib into a bed.  Her little sister was about to make her entrance into the world and would be needing the crib.

If you are, or have been the parent of a toddler, you know the crib to bed transition can sometimes be tricky.  We were no exception to the rule.  What before had been peaceful evenings on the couch after our daughter was tucked safely in bed( at least I like to remember them that way), were turned upside down.  Those evenings became a competition of “rock, paper, scissors” to see who would be the lucky one to coax her back to bed.

To some it may sound like we were not firm enough, and to others it might not sound like a problem at all, but for me at the time it was.  I tried all kinds of solutions to get her to stay in bed, but none of them seemed to do the trick.  Finally the one night I prayed about it, asking God to give me some creative idea that would help her stay in bed.   Some moments later, I came to think of our daughter’s dress up clothes and how important they were to her right then.  I decided I would would tell her no dress up clothes the following day if she did not stay in bed.  And you know what, she stayed in bed.  And she stayed in bed the night after that, and the night after that.  Of course there were times it did not work, or when the dress up clothes were no longer the answer.  Yet in that moment God gave me just what I needed, a creative consequence that reached my daughter’s heart.

As my children  are now teenagers, dress up clothes are no longer the answer, but I still am in desperate need of creative ideas, almost more so these days.  I need God’s Spirit to show me what will connect with my children.  I love God’s creativity, and that he knows exactly what will reach their hearts.  And even more than that, I see that He wants to be the one to speak to them.    Some days He may give me a creative idea.  Other days I see I  just need to get out of the way and allow Him to speak, to work His creativity out in their lives.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find: knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened…” Luke 11:9

What creative ideas might God want to give you today?

(photo: AT Oberg) (My younger daughter game me permission to use this photo)


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