I saw God today, in sharing.

Today a friend shared with me her potato seed.  She had more than enough for her own garden so when she heard I was hoping to plant potatoes, she generously offered me her leftover seed.  Her kindness reminded me of another friend’s generosity years ago.  It was under very different circumstances, yet the outcome was the same.  I saw more of God’s  heart through the goodness of a friend.

When my husband and I were newly married, just young students starting out, we did not have much that we could call our own.  We were two people living on what was then considered income for one.  I remember one morning as I opened our pantry door and stared and stared at it.  Our pantry had been close to empty before, but this month seemed especially desperate.  As I stood there hoping God would again perform that miracle of multiplication, the one with the fish and bread, the prayer Jesus taught his disciples came to mind.

“…give us today our daily bread” Matthew 6:11

I prayed that simple prayer and went about my day.  Later that afternoon a friend of ours stopped by, holding a shopping bag.  As she saw my look of surprise she said, ” I know this seems crazy but I bought groceries today, and I thought maybe I was supposed to share them with you.”  She did not know the prayer I had prayed earlier that day.   I told her of our need (in which she gave us the rest of her groceries) and the verse I had prayed, and it seemed as if those words blessed her as much as her groceries had blessed us just moments before.

Sharing and receiving, a mutual blessing.

Is there something God is nudging you to share today?  Some groceries, a helping hand, or a word of encouragement?  Give it a whirl!   You might just be God’s answer to someone’s prayer.

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