(photo: eaoberg)

From early on we knew there was something about you.

The way you looked at us and observed all of your surroundings.

You did not stop at observing, from the very beginning you wanted in on life.

Around the age of two or three, when we came to pick you up from your Swedish daycare, your teachers told us about your day.  As they shared your story, we caught a glimpse of who you were and who you were becoming.  Everyday after lunch, your teachers would sing songs with you, read stories, and then you would rest.  You and your classmates knew the routine.  This particular day, the teacher entered the classroom to find all of the children lined nicely up on the mat,  you leading them in songs and stories.

You have heard this story told many times.  It is one of the things that amazes me about you.  I know at times you think you live fearfully, or your heart may fill with worry.  Even so what I see when I look at you is, someone who lives fearlessly.  When I see the things you do…

trying new things

meeting new people

pushing through fears

caring deeply

and finding joy.

You live life loud

with and because of Jesus.

The way you live your life has been, and always will be my birthday wish for you.

(a belated 16th birthday tribute)


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