I am never more aware of another person’s story as when they are a new acquaintance to me.  When I meet someone for the first time, it is as if there is this blank page standing in front of me.  There is no history, no preconceived ideas, no opinions, or thoughts about the person, until we spend time together, and the pages of their story start to fill.

A week or so ago, I attended a writer’s retreat at a wonderful little place in the hills of Virginia called God’s Whisper Farm.   I packed home with me many thoughts and ideas.  And the one part of the weekend that stretched me the most, being in a group of new people, was the part of the weekend I most enjoyed.  It was listening to new friends share, it was hearing their stories.

During one of the writing sessions where we wrote about what writing is to us, I was reminded there is no life that is not worth sharing.  As long we have breath, our life has a story to tell.  When we listen to or share in each others’ stories, we not only give our attention, we give each other a sense of validity.  Our story is important.  Our life really is worth telling.   This is one of the aspects I love about writing, about reading, and about art.  It is lifting out the good in people, It is seeing God in them.  This is what I saw that weekend, and what I am seeing today.

I Saw God today, in story.

What part of your story can you share today?  Or better yet help another tell theirs?


4 thoughts on “Story

    • Yes Allison, I think she mentioned she went there! She was great and the weekend at her place was really good for me. It opened my eyes to a lot about writing!

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