Advent – Love

This is for you this Christmas.

For those of you who feel


passed by, or forgotten.

For those whose hearts are filled with doubt or shame.

And for those of you who are waiting, waiting to be chosen.

This Christmas I seem to be playing one song over again and again, Francesca Batistelli’s, “Be Born in Me”.

“…Trembling heart, somehow I believe that you chose me.”

Out of the many God chose Mary, to carry His son.

From the very beginning this has been our hope and our longing, to be singled-out and picked for the team. Or have you already forgotten your elementary school years? Two kickball captains standing in front of you, ready to choose their teams?

We are not so different from Mary. And God is still choosing.

Out of the many He chooses you and chooses me.

We carry His son with us – Immanuel.

“They will be called the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord, and you will be called sought after, the city no longer deserted.” Isaiah 62:12

2 thoughts on “Advent – Love

  1. Angie,
    I am so enjoying your Advent. You are blessing me so much.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and may your days be filled with peace, hope, love and joy.


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