It’s the little things…


The other morning as I took a walk with Smokey our dog, I could feel the warmth of the sun on my back. I could barely remember what that felt like, the sun sharing its warmth. In my mind there have been many grey days this winter.

So when I felt the sun’s warmth, I did what any normal person would do:) I stopped in the middle of the road, and stretched my face towards its rays, and let myself take in all its goodness.

Sometimes it is the little things…

Smokey did not seem to mind, it gave him more time to try and rip off his “gentle leader” and eat more snow.

When I lived in Sweden this is often what would happen in the early spring. After months of not seeing the sun, people would stop and tilt their faces upwards, ready to capture all of the sun’s warmth and gain back what they were missing those dark winter months.

I have certainly missed the light and warmth this winter. And while I have enjoyed this season, I am looking forward to Spring.

Some of the things I have enjoyed this winter:

  • reading (I have rediscovered the joy of a good novel and can’t seem to get enough of them.) The latest one was The Midwife of Hope River by: Patricia Harman – so good!
  • knitting – a simple shawl, and crocheting a lap blanket for my daughter (I think it is going on the third year now)
  • slow mornings – yea for snow delays!
  • coffee and coffee with friends – the only thing that really gets me through the winter

What I am looking forward to this Spring:

  • planting – flowers/veggies
  • walks without dressing like a snowman
  • patio meals with friends
  • biking to work

And finally I am hoping to incorporate some new ideas here on the blog. This blog has mostly taken on the form of a devotional, and while I intend to keep this aspect of the blog, I also want to include other ideas I have floating around in my head!

So if the sun is out, take a moment and let your face feel its warmth and goodness. And if it is hiding in the grey, look forward to its return with anticipation and look for the other gifts hiding in today.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Beautiful Angie! I look forward to your
    posts very much. You have a wonderful way with words. The sun is out here today and I will definitely lift my face toward it and take in it’s beautiful rays. Thank you for the gentle reminder to appreciate even what seems like a small thing. Xoxo

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