In our hearts, summer for us is a trip across the Atlantic to family who live along the Baltic sea. There is no better place to spend warm days, by the sea with those we do not see so often.




This year we were not able to travel to Sweden, so we did the next best thing and made our way up to Northern Maine to experience its beauty and a little taste of “Swedish home”. The only thing missing was our long distance family. We were amazed time and time again just how similar these two dots on the map are.

The trip was a good mixture of a little bit of planning and a little bit of spontaneity. We knew we would spend 4- 5 days camping on Mt Desert Island, but the few days on either side of the trip were left open for travel time and for exploring new places.

We took a couple tips from my sister, and we planned our mini vacation as best we could. If you are thinking about where to take a vacation, go to Maine. You will not be disappointed.


However excited I was about seeing Maine, the camping part scared me a little bit. Of my family, I am the least camper-like. However, we had invested in some new gear, and when we arrived at our camp-site, all those fears quickly disappeared as we saw the beauty of the place.


We camped at Mt Desert Campground, and I highly recommend it. This was my first experience with platform camping, and I am convinced this is the way to go.  The campground was also clean and beautiful. There were many campsites, yet the sites were nestled between the trees, giving a sense of privacy while camping neighbors were still a stone’s throw away if we were feeling social.

We spent most of our days hiking and making our way around the island a little bit at a time.






We did the touristy things such as sunrise at Cadillac Mountain.  This mountain is the highest, most Easterly point, making it a natural sunrise magnet. I warn you though, bundle up, especially if you are there in early June. Between the wind and early morning coolness, it makes for not only a beautiful but chilling experience.


We took a little bit of time to peruse and shop the streets of Bar Harbor.  When we found ourselves hankering for the ice-cream (It is difficult not to when everyone is walking around with some), we found a place called, Jordan Pond Ice-cream parlor . (The lobster was actually at another ice-cream shop but it and my daughter were so cute, I just had to add them:)


And during our last full day there, the girls had their first Kayak experience. I can assuredly say that they are hooked, much to my husband’s delight.




The spontaneity part of the trip included an extra day driving to Acadia and an extra day driving home. On our way there we drove mostly along the eastern Coast and spent our first evening near  Mystic, CT. A lovely little town with an incredible drawbridge. Definitely worth a visit.

On the way home we were given a tip to check out the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Since we didn’t want to deal with Boston/New York traffic again, we took their advice. After making a pit stop in Portland, ME to visit a friend we had not seen for many years, (So much fun to spend time with her, eat a yummy meal, and catch a glimpse of Portland) we meandered our way slowly through New Hampshire, a little bit of Vermont and finally, the Berkshires. We enjoyed the scenic drive and in Great Barrington, I fell in love with one of the shops we visited. One Mercantile. Check out their website. I plan to head back there and to the Berkshires again!

We so enjoyed our trip to Maine and hope as you see the photos you will too.

In a couple of days, June will slip into July. Summer is speeding along much too quickly this year, but we plan to enjoy every moment of it and hope you will too!


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  1. I love your blog Angie! Such a cute little corner of our World Wide Web 🙂
    –Crystal G.

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