I am not sure when or how this practice started.

Choosing one, new little word for the year.

For this girl who is easily distracted and often wonders about the meaning of life, it brings a little bit of focus and meaning to the new year.

This year rather than searching for a new word, It seemed as if my word found me. As I was writing my advent series this year, the word


continued to roll around in my thoughts long after I was done writing. I felt like I was not finished with joy or it was not finished with me. In any case it is a fitting word for this glass half empty girl.

So in saying farewell to the old year and welcoming the new,

I am welcoming joy…

choosing this one little word to journey beside

as I continue to look for God in the midst of each day.

Will you join me?

(with joy, or another word of your choosing)


4 thoughts on “Words

  1. Great word Angie! Joy is a choice. I recently heard a man speaking about Christians and about how we have so much to celebrate and be joyful about, and yet so many of us walk around looking like we sucked on a lemon. He thought that was people should be pouring into our churches to find out where that joy is coming from if we are truly doing our job. Wishing you a wonderful year of Joy! May you find your glass not have empty or even half full but, full and running over. 🙂

  2. Hey Ang, I am currently in a Ladies Bible study and we are reading the book, “Fight Back with Joy.” It’s a fantastic read and such a good reminder to journey beside Joy each day as you said. Even just recognizing joy in the little things. May you and your fam have a wonderful joy filled year.

    • That is so interesting Heidi!! I was just checking that book out on Amazon! I will have to give it a go!😊 Thank you for the encouragement and praying you find little joys each day too!!

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