Not too long ago, my older daughter and I were out college shopping. We had barely hit the “back to school” aisles when my husband called frantically.

“You have to come home right away. Your bike was stolen,” he said out of breath.

Our Neighbor saw two young boys riding a bike and when they got to our house, the one boy jumped off, ran up to our carport, and grabbed my bike. My mind flashed back to that morning after my bike ride. We were storing our bikes in a trailer, and I was too lazy to unlock the trailer and put my bike back after my morning ride.

I felt my heart sink. I thought for sure, I would never see the bike again. Despite the fact that a couple of years ago my husband had his bike stolen in the exact same fashion and he recovered his bike (with God’s help:) How quickly I forget what God is capable of.

I take comfort in the fact I am not alone in my forgetfulness. There is a pattern in the Bible of a God who performs miracles and His people the Israelites, His disciples, and we still today, find it difficult to believe in His miracles or remember what He has done for us.

Join me at (our church blog) to read the rest of the story.

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