Hi my name is Angela (most people call me Angie) and I write this blog.


I am wife/mama in our family of four.  I married my husband in September of 1996, in Jokkmokk, a small town above the Arctic circle in Northern Sweden, where he grew up.  We lived, studied, worked, and raised our two daughters on the Eastern coast of Sweden until we moved back to the States in 2003.  What was supposed to be one year here in the States has now turned into ten.  Pennsylvania is home for now until we pack our bags again. (We do love to travel:)


This blog started out as a way to stay connected with family and friends near and far.  The look and content has maybe changed through the years, but my heart for the blog remains the same.  It is my way to try and see God in the little moments of each day and to share those moments with you.

This past year especially, I combined my longing to write with my desire to see more of God in my everyday.  And so began the posts, I saw God today…

Noticing God daily…my hope for me and for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Angie…I hope you remember me. It seems like a million years have gone by since we were friends growing up in Souderton. I ran across your blog and just seeing your picture made me smile. God truly does work in wonderful ways. I hope we can get in touch and catch up. It has been way too many years.

    Much love,
    Becky (Bangert) Houston

    • Hi Becky! Of course I remember you:) I was so surprised to hear from you and would love to catch up with you. Is the email I have for you one I could use to email you? Again it was so good hearing from you after all these years!!

      • Hi Angie! Happy Birthday (just a little late). I hope you had a great day. Yes, the email you have for me is perfect for you to get in touch with me. Can’t wait to catch up! I love your blog and have enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your beautiful family. You look so happy and that is wonderful. Hope to talk soon!!

  2. Hi! We share names (although mine is maiden…yours is your married name)! I came across your blog for that reason. I have to say it is a little “twilight zone” to see that we share a similar view of and heart for God and how He is working. Thank you for sharing such words and pictures of encouragement. Peace, hope, and joy to you! Angie

  3. Hi Angie, I’m so glad you included me in on getting this blog. I do look forward to to connecting with you and other women all about knitting etc.! Lib

    • Hey Libby! So you got my email about a knit night?!?! Do one of the dates suit you? If not this time hopefully if we do it another time. I am looking forward to knitting with a group again! 🙂

  4. Hi Angie!
    I’m about to delete my instagram. I do want to stay in touch though. Illl keep my Facebook and messenger for the time being. Any chance of getting an email address or leave a temporary email address for you to get in touch? Want to limit my social media presence.


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