One of our favorite past-times while in Sweden is boating with my husband’s parents.  There are many islands to explore.  This day was filled with a hunt for Chantrelles and Artic raspberries, fishing, swimming, knitting and food of course.  Nothing beats an island picnic or lunch on the boat.

A beautiful misty morning, unfolding into a lovely day.  

Sweet, sweet memories, carrying us until our next journey there.

One of the benefits of having a father-in-law who is a nature journalist is joining him on his adventures.  We spent the day with him on the boat Laponia that was headed out to one of the outer islands of the Lulea archipelago.  We spent the day birdwatching.  Some dear old friends from Jokkmokk were also along for the ride.

Not only did the island prove to be good for birdwatching, but for pirouettes in the sand, jumping off of sand dunes, digging toes in the sand, walks by the water, and hanging out with our favorite “farmor”.

A wonderful, wonderful day.  One of the girls favorite islands I do believe.

Saltoloukta II

Our second day in Saltoloukta we took a longer hike to the Sami village, Petsaure.  I think it was close to 13 kilometers all in all.  We hiked over a mountain pass, had our picnic lunch in the village, and made our way back home again.  A wonderful, wonderful day.

Saltoloukta I

This past week we had the opportunity to go hiking at Saltoloukta in the mountains of one of Sweden’s national parks.  We hiked two days.  The first day we hiked with a group from Jokkmokk and beyond.  The following day we hiked with our extended family.  We had two beautiful days of weather, nice and cool and no mosquitoes.  It was an ideal first backpacking trip for our girls!  Though not bitten by mosquitoes, I believe they have been bitten by the backpacking bug and will be back for more! 🙂


A few glimpses of life on the boat.  #summerinSweden #ontheboat #Baltic sea

photos: aoberg & atoberg